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Valentino Ballotin white praline 500 gr

Valentino Ballotin white praline 500 gr

Product no.: PRL1006
1 kg = 41.80 €
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1 kg = 41.80 €

A nice assortment of delicious handmade Belgian chocolates Valentino. A white chocolate mixture filled with fresh cream, praline hazelnut, different ganache, marzipan and fruit. About 38 per box of chocolates

The contents of the box of chocolates will be random following the availability of pralines. The example of pralines that can be received (see photos)


cocoa mass, sugar, hazelnuts, almonds, cream, butter, whole milk powder, alcohol, glucose fruit compounds, coffee, cocoa beans, pancakes, salt, cherries, laminated, flavorings, nuts, blueberry, lemon, salt, puffed rice, vegetable oil, cereals, tropical fruit, cinnamon, pistachio, pecan, apple, raspberry, star anise, water, strawberry, gum arabic, coconut, orange, eggs, passion fruit, banana, mandarin, mint, soy lethicin, natural vanilla

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