Mix of cookies

Mix of cookies

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Delacre Tea time biscuits mixture 1 kg

Product no.: BIS1006

Tea Time is a selection of 16 varieties of Delacre biscuits, of which most known : Russian Marquisettes, Biarritz, Cigarettes, Délichoc ....


Delacre Tea time tradition biscuits mix 500 gr

Product no.: BIS1007

Tea Time is a set of 14 bakery recipe, of which icons of Delacre: Russian Marquisettes, Biarritz, Cigarettes, Délichoc, Mini Sprits, Nordica

1 kg = 21.90 €

Destrooper biscuits Chocolate Pleasure 290 gr

Product no.: BIS1011

The Jules Destrooper Chocolate Pleasure are chocolate coated candy biscuits, Florentines with hazelnuts and crispy rice, Cinnamon biscuits..

1 kg = 32.76 €

Jules Destrooper Jules' mini 126 gr

Product no.: BIS1054

JULES DESTROOPER Jules' mini assortment of classic and delicious little wafers and tasty butter galettes .... Cookies per box of 126 gr ....

1 kg = 33.73 €

Boni Selection assortment of biscuits 500 gr

Product no.: BIS1055
BONI SELECTION is an assortment of delicious dry and chocolate biscuits containing 12 varieties of Belgian cookies to suit all tastes. 500gr
1 kg = 10.50 €

Delacre Namur assorted biscuits 200 gr

Product no.: BIS1108

The DELACRE Namur assortment is one of the smallest known blends in Delacre's range of delicious biscuits... Each package contains 200 gr...

1 kg = 24.75 €

Lotus Luxury Assorted (individ. wrap.) 230 pc

Product no.: BIS1122

LOTUS Luxury assortment individually wrapped biscuits. 50 thin wafers, 60 Breton wafers, 50 caramelized biscuits and 50 speculoos chocolate.

1 kg = 19.94 €

Mix of cookies



Mixtures of biscuits are boxes (cardboard or metal) containing different kinds of delicious cookies either chocolate cookies, crackers, biscuits filled with cream (vanilla, chocolate ...). These boxes are perfect for a friendly moment with your guests over a cup of coffee or tea.