Meurens Du Vrai Sirop de Liege Original 900 gr

Meurens Du Vrai Sirop de Liege Original 900 gr

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1 kg = 6.39 €
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1 kg = 6.39 €

The real syrup from Liege syrup Meurens is a Belgian specialty very, very fruity !
True Liege syrup is neither a jelly, nor a jam, nor a marmalade, True Liege Syrup is a unique recipe with high fruit content developed in 1937 with apples, pears, dates ... 4 kilos of fresh fruit for 1 kilo of syrup !

How to taste the real Liege syrup?

• Simply on a slice of bread at any time of the day
• As an accompaniment to a cheese platter, according to the tradition that associated it with Herve cheese (AOC) or with the cream cheese (fromage frais)
• In your culinary preparations: marinades, sauces, vinaigrettes, salads and of course desserts.
• On pancakes.

Each pot contains 450 gr.


INGREDIENTS: concentrated fruit juice 65% (pears, apples, dates), sugar 35%, acidifier: citric acid, total sugar content: 67 gr per 100 gr.

Keep dry and away from heat and light. Close the packaging well after opening.

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