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Tirlemont sugar cassonade blond Graeffe 1 kg

Tirlemont sugar cassonade blond Graeffe 1 kg

Product no.: SCR1001
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The soft texture of the Graeffe brown sugar and its high solubility make it an ideal product in all circumstances, whether it is on your bread at breakfast or in a large bowl of hot milk, at ten o'clock in yogurt or cottage cheese, lunch on rice pudding or on a baked apple, at four o'clock to sprinkle a pancake or fresh fruit, ...
Graufe brown sugar is irreplaceable in a whole series of traditional recipes such as sugar pie or crème brûlée ... And who has already enjoyed Sunday morning with a bread roll of real butter and brown sugar Graeffe? This special flavor also works wonders in a lot of other, less traditional, but equally delicious recipes. To keep it longer soft, keep it well sealed in a place that is not too dry. Each package contains 1 kg.


Ingredients: brown sugar brown sugar.

Storage: Keep dry, away from heat and light. Close the packaging well after opening.

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