Nutroma Creamy cups 200x 9 gr

Nutroma Creamy cups 200x 9 gr

Product no.: CRM1004
1 piece(s) = 0.11 €
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1 piece(s) = 0.11 €

Nutroma is creamier than milk and less fat than cream (only 8%) and has a balanced composition. A coffee cream can not unduly dilute the coffee. In Nutroma, the proportion of milk components is ideal so that the coffee remains strong enough, while being pleasantly softened. The lactose in Nutroma is slightly caramelized during the sterilization process to give an ideal marriage to the taste of coffee. Nutroma mixes easily and gives a nice mocha color to the coffee. Nutroma can be stored at room temperature, so the coffee does not cool during the incorporation of this nectar. Nutroma can be used in cooking to perfectly replace cream, for example in soups and sauces. Each box contains 200 cups of 9 gr.


Ingredients: whole milk, stabilizer (E339)

Storage: Keep dry, away from heat and light. Close the packaging well after opening.

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