Everyday muesli breakfast 30% fruit seeds 1 kg

Everyday muesli breakfast 30% fruit seeds 1 kg

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The Muesli Everyday is a muesli for breakfast containing 30% dried fruits and seeds. 33 servings per package. Each pack contains 1 kg.


Ingredients: 70% cereals [BLE flakes, Oat flakes, BARLEY flakes, corn flour (corn flour, sugar, salt, barley MALT extract, emulsifier (E322) % Dried fruits and grains (dried grapes (dried grapes, vegetable oils (sunflower seed, cotton seed)), cooked banana chips (bananas, coconut oil, sugar, flavoring (banana)), flax seeds, sunflower seeds, Dried apricots (apricots, rice flour, antioxidant (E223, contains SULFITES)), dried apple pieces (apples, antioxidant (E223, contains SULPHITES) Dried plums (plums, rice flour).

Packaging: 33 servings per package

Storage: Keep dry, away from heat and light. Close the packaging after opening.

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