Joris Belgas (licorice candy) 1 kg

Joris Belgas (licorice candy) 1 kg

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JORIS Belgas (licorice candies) is a small black gum in which licorice extracts have been incorporated. These delicious sweets are a traditional Belgian manufacture and are gluten-free. Each box contains 1 kg.


Ingredients: thickener: natural acacia gum 40%, sugar, glucose syrup, black gums: natural licorice, brown pector: natural flavors, contains no dye, acidulated gums: food acidic acid: citric or tartaric acid natural and artificial, dyes yellow: quinoline *; green: quinoline * and patent blue V; orange: yellowish orange S *; pink and red: azorubine *; mauve: azorubine * and patent blue V; brown: caramel; black: carbo medcinalis vegetalis, coating agent: steam, * May disadvantage children's activity or attention.

Keep dry and away from heat and light. Close the packaging after opening.

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