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Lotus 28 moments assortment 989 gr

Lotus 28 moments assortment 989 gr

Product no.: BIS1001
1 kg = 15.77 €
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1 kg = 15.77 €

LOTUS "28 Moments" assortment, each package contains a selection of pastries from LOTUS. 28 units individually wrapped.Zebra, Frangipane, Speculoos, Marshmallow, Liège Waffle, Chocolate Cork Waffle, Square Snack Jam, Madeleine, Soft, Amico, Chocolate Speculoos and Soft Sugar.


Ingredients: Wheat flour, sugar, vegetable oils (palm, rapeseed, coconut), eggs of ground-hens, glucose-fructose syrup, chocolate with milk and chocolate (sugar, cocoa paste, cocoa butter, powder MILK POWDER, MILK POWDER, MILK POWDER, MILK POWDER (MILK), Emulsifier (SOJA lecithin and E476)), BUTTER concentrate, stabilizer (glycerol, sorbitol), apple, apricot pulp, starch (Fatty acid mono- and diglycerides, sodium stearoyl-2-lactylate, SOJA lecithin, lecithin, sodium salt) (Gum xanthane, carob bean flour), acidifying agent (citric acid), sugar syrup (sugar), sugar syrup (oligofructose), skimmed milk powder, SOJA flour, gelling agent (pectin, carrageenan) ), Cinnamon, cocoa powder, MILK protein, citro juice N, natural dye (beta-carotene). Made in a workshop that uses: FRUITS A COQUE

Keep dry and away from heat and light. Close the packaging after opening.

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