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FERRERO KINDER Cereals Country bars 9 x 23gr

Product no.: CHC1137
Cereal bars chocolate covered kinder. Cereals: rice, maize, wheat and barley.
box of 207gr
3.20 €

KINDER Bueno White Chocolate 10 x 39 g

Product no.: CHC1138

Crispy wafer coated with white chocolate and filled with a creamy milk and hazelnut. Each package contains two individually wrapped bars

9.35 €

FERRERO KINDER Delice (Delight) 10 x 42 g

Product no.: CHC1139
KINDER DELIGHT is a real cupcake with a delicious sponge cake filled and coated with milk chocolate.
package of 420gr
5.40 €

FERRERO KINDER chocolate bars 300 g

Product no.: CHC1140

Every box contains 24 sticks of entire milk chocolate. Recommended for children. Ideal as a treat.

4.40 €

FERRERO KINDER Maxi 11 milk chocolate bars 231g

Product no.: CHC1141
11 sticks of milk chocolate filled with milk foam. Recommended for children.
package of 231gr
2.75 €

FERRERO RAFFAELLO crunchy pralines 180g

Product no.: CHC1142

The crispy wafer, the smoothness of his creamy filling in the coconut and the crisp of the whole almond.

pack of 180gr

5.15 €

FERRERO ROCHER pralines 16 pieces 200gr

Product no.: CHC1144

FERRERO ROCHER pralines are soft and crunchy composition filled with an entire hazelnut and cream of hazelnuts.

5.99 €

FERRERO ROCHER pralines 30 pieces 375 g

Product no.: CHC1145

Ferrero "bouchees" flavored. Bite praline filled with a whole hazelnut and hazelnut cream. 30 x 12.5 g.

9.99 €

KINDER Surprise Boys 3 x 20gr

Product no.: CHC1179
3 eggs milk chocolate on the outside and white inside. Especially for children: each egg contains a surprise (small toy) for boys.
3.45 €

KINDER Surprise girls 3 x 20gr

Product no.: CHC1180

3 eggs milk chocolate on the outside and white inside. Especially for children: each egg contains a surprise (small toy) for girls.

3.45 €

KINDER Schoko-Bons 340g

Product no.: CHC1202

KINDER Schoko-Bon, delicious and irresistible small filled chocolate candies with milk and hazelnuts

6.40 €

FERRERO KINDER Bueno milk chocolate 10 x 43 g

Product no.: CHC1136

Kinder bueno is a crunchy wafer coated with milk chocolate, stuffed with a milk cream and hazelnuts ...

7.49 €

FERRERO MON CHERI liquor cherry pralines 315gr

Product no.: CHC1288

The harmonious union of the black chocolate crunching, heat of alcohol and kindness of the cherry.

9.99 €



Ferrero is an Italian food company, established in 1946 in Alba (Piedmont in Italy) and is specialized in confectionery. Ferrero is known thanks to the leading products such as Nutella, Kinder, Ferrero Rocher, Tic Tac and Mon chéri.
Ferrero was born of two major events in less than 5 years: its creation in 1946 and the launch of Nutella in 1949.

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