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Lutti sweet cuberdons 500 gr

Product no.: BON1010

1 kg = 15.20 €

Geldhof cuberdons 200 g

Product no.: BON1045

1 kg = 22.50 €

Sweet Cubedons artisanal original 16 pcs 224 gr

Product no.: BON1028

1 kg = 26.56 €

Sweet Cuberdons 4 fruity flavors 16pc 224 gr

Product no.: BON1077

1 kg = 27.90 €

New Assortment box cuberdons 5 tastes +/- 400 gr

Product no.: BON1133[1]

OLD PRICE 11.95 €
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1 kg = 19.88 €

Joris Cuberdons 1 kg

Product no.: BON1153


Sweet Cuberdons artisanal discovery 16 tastes 224 gr

Product no.: BON1196

1 kg = 27.90 €




The cuberdons is a traditional delicacy Belgian. The cuberdon is made from sugar and gum Arabic with fruity flavors, mainly raspberry. The cuberdon appears generally conically and is hard on the outside and inside it consists of a gelatinous liquid very delicious sweet taste. The cuberdon is a treat or a traditional candy in Belgium. The two most popular hypotheses as to its origin speak either of clergy living in the Bruges region - which would explain the other priest-cap names, the pharmacist Ghent De Vynck who have developed a by chance, the manufacturing process and the recipe in 1873. cuberdon is made from sugar, gum arabic (acacia resin) and fruity flavors, mainly raspberry. The liquid mixture is poured into molds and starch happened in the oven heated to 55 ° C for about a week so that the sugar hardens and forms the outer crust, while inside remains a gelatinous liquid very sweet taste . It has generally conically (sometimes as NEZ3), red-pink or purplish color to a height of about 2.5 cm. According Cléante, etymology is French: etymologists explain this word as a sex alteration (de) drone. This author states that the cuberdon should be known that France near the Belgian border. It is also called cap-de-pastor or cap-de-priest in western Hainaut (Picardy part of Belgium). In Dutch, it is also called neuzeke (small nose). Cuberdon the word entered the 2008 Petit Larousse. In 2009, the Flemish Office of VLAM agro-marketing (nl) recognized the traditional cuberdon as a Flemish regional product, but production throughout Belgium is established for many decades. In Belgium, construction cones are called colloquially "cuberdons". Conventional cuberdons are flavored with raspberry. Today there is a profusion of new tastes and new colors, so that more than 30 fragrances (or tastes) of cuberdons are available in confectionery. The Geldhof confectionery Eeklo founded in 1954 is presented as "THE specialist cuberdon" by The Lonely Planet Guide chocolate and confectionery, which states that the company claims to be the first Belgian manufacturer. The cuberdon shelf life is only a fortnight, which makes its export difficult. During its development under normal conditions, the liquid heart dries to densify the center while the shell becomes more consistent and gains in depth. The interior remains soft, can then no longer be liquid and have the consistency of a gum. The manufacturer tests since 2011 a variety of chocolate coated, which should help to extend the shelf life while not changing the taste. The cuberdon could then exceed the Belgian borders. Since 2012, the Confiserie Léopold markets a "haute couture" cuberdon in a different distribution network of the usual networks (markets and bakeries) under the "Cuberdons Leopold." These cuberdons, the less sweet taste and good packaging, find themselves in concept stores (Smets Concept Store, Fashion Club, ...), caterers and gourmet grocery stores (Rob, Atelier Gourmand, Chockies ... ) but also in various florists or wine shops and at the heart of some events (Magritte cinema, car rallies, Fortis film Days ...). The new workshop of Leopold Confectionery is located in Enghien. The syrup is still made traditionally from only natural ingredients, in copper pots only. In the region of Mons, home Bourguignon was in the spotlight in Mons Superstar exhibition as part of Mons 2015. Fanny Bourguignon, which can be found selling his craft production in the markets of Baudour, Saint-Ghislain and Mons, recently took over the family business, which has lasted three generations. Since 2011, several major restaurant chains offer, Belgium, small pieces of cuberdons to trim their ice cream or ice to cuberdon flavor. In 2012, an international brand of chocolate out a variety of white chocolate cuberdon, limited release. The same year, the confectionery Geldhof offers special products based on cuberdon: dessert sauce, jam and chocolate spread. There is also the peket flavored cuberdon and an appetizer called Heart of cuberdon. Some wine experts talk about cuberdon flavor to characterize certain wines.