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Destrooper Butter Crisp waffles 60 pcs - 700 g

Product no.: BIS1009

1 kg = 13.14 €

Jules Destrooper butter crunchy wafers 125 gr

Product no.: BIS1010

1 kg = 27.20 €

Jules Destrooper Butter Crisp waffles biscuits 175 gr

Product no.: BIS1013

1 kg = 21.43 €

LU Cent wafers 190 gr

Product no.: BIS1021

1 kg = 17.11 €

LU Cent Wafers 10 x 45 gr

Product no.: BIS1025

1 kg = 14.44 €

Meli honey waffles 8x1 240 gr

Product no.: BIS1045

1 kg = 17.50 €

Everyday Cent wafers 190 gr

Product no.: BIS1063

1 kg = 6.58 €

Boni Selection Butter Crisp biscuits 250 gr

Product no.: BIS1097

1 kg = 9.00 €

Lotus wafers Kempen 450 gr

Product no.: BIS1116

1 kg = 8.78 €

Fleurs des blés butter cookies bio 125 gr

Product no.: BIS1178

1 kg = 15.60 €

Boni Selection BIO galettes 16 pc 285 gr

Product no.: BIS1179

1 kg = 10.49 €

LU Cha-Cha caramel chocolate wafers 12x 27 gr

Product no.: CHC1045

1 kg = 24.07 €

LU ChaCha Max caramel chocolate wafers 36x 34 gr

Product no.: CHC1290

1 kg = 28.55 €

D/ Meli chocolate filled waffles 8x 1 pc

Product no.: BIS1215

1 kg = 17.50 €

LU Cha-Cha caramel chocolate wafers 50x 27 gr

Product no.: CHC1293

1 kg = 24.07 €

Jules Destrooper Jules' mini 126 gr

Product no.: BIS1054

1 kg = 33.73 €

L/ Sondey Cent wafers choco 190 gr

Product no.: BIS1225

1 kg = 7.63 €

L/ Sondey Cent wafers hazelnut 190 gr

Product no.: BIS1226

1 kg = 7.63 €

L/ Sondey Cent wafers vanilla 190 gr

Product no.: BIS1227

1 kg = 7.63 €

L/ Sondey Catago butter crisp biscuits 250 gr

Product no.: BIS1228

1 kg = 7.96 €

Ferrero Kinder Bueno milk chocolate 10x 43 gr

Product no.: CHC1136

1 kg = 18.49 €

Ferrero Kinder Bueno white chocolate 10x 39 gr

Product no.: CHC1138

1 kg = 25.51 €

A / Gala fine butter wafers 240 gr

Product no.: BIS1247

1 kg = 10.42 €

A/ Monarc Cent Wafers 10x 45 gr

Product no.: BIS1250

1 kg = 8.78 €

Lotus filled waffles vanilla flavour 310 gr

Product no.: BIS1208

1 kg = 12.87 €

Lotus waffles vergeoise brown sugar 310 gr

Product no.: BIS1209

1 kg = 12.87 €

Success of the day waffle vanilla 360 gr

Product no.: BIS1253

1 kg = 13.86 €

Success of the day waffle cassonade 360 gr

Product no.: BIS1254

1 kg = 13.86 €

Success of the day waffle Grand Marnier 360 gr

Product no.: BIS1258

1 kg = 12.50 €




In the kitchen, a wafer / wafers is a round cake and flat. The traditional cake is also a kind of rectangular waffle that is not soft mainly in Belgium and northern France. There are: the cleaning cake, made of thick paste, compact, not flaky; lead cake, made from a non puff pastry of flour, butter, salt, sugar, milk and egg, kneaded by hand and baked in oven campaign with fire above and below; the galette des Rois, made of puff pastry and made up on the occasion of the Epiphany; it contains a bean (usually about a small porcelain) for designating the "king" of the party; the pancake buckwheat or buckwheat pancakes, thin pancake made from buckwheat flour (commonly called pancake in Lower Britain); the cake of St Michael and the wafer Pont-Aven, crackers; The term wafer is also used by sailors to describe the sea biscuit, kind of dried bread away on long trips. The cake is also (in the North of France and Belgium as in Congo) a kind of rectangular waffle that is not soft. See eg pancake butter and sugar. In slang, "wafer" means money, as in The Big Money, under the French novel by John Dos Passos, The Big Money (1936) or The Cursed wafer, a Quebec film by Denys Arcand. A wafer is the name given to a crack dose, equivalent to about 5 taken (or "pebbles"). The wafer is also the carcass of the hat man made rabbit hair, or cardboard, or cloth impregnated with shellac, and is then covered with the sprig. The cake is a coarse thread and less shiny as silk, obtained by carding and spinning the silk cocoons of mulberry drilled. In the jargon of skiing and snowboarding, a wafer may designate a wallow or a jail or a bowl; that is to say, a fall. A wafer may also appoint a vinyl, or in the semiconductor industry a wafer. The phrase "put a cake" is also a slang term for the contemporary festive vomiting. Galette (Members Manager abbreviation Online Extremely choppy but So Effective) is an online tool (PHP) for managing membership and contributions to associations. Galette may designate a cushion, generally quite thin, removable, placed or attached on the functional part of a seat. A wafer is also a full provisional vehicle wheel (spare tire substitute). Wafer is the nickname of former epaulets worn by the cadets of Saint-Cyr ranked lowest. His removal led to the creation of the song la Galette, now the traditional singing of the ESM, written by Pierre Léon Bouisset.