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Everyday gingerbread sliced 500 gr

Product no.: BIS1080

1 kg = 3.90 €

Boni Selection BIO gingerbread sliced 300 gr

Product no.: BIS1180

1 kg = 9.83 €

Lotus wholemeal gingerbread sliced 475 gr

Product no.: BIS1134

1 kg = 8.32 €

Lotus gingerbread zero 475 gr

Product no.: BIS1135

1 kg = 11.37 €

Lotus gingerbread lightened sugar 5x 40 gr

Product no.: BIS1136

1 kg = 16.00 €

Vondelmolen couque Dinant 500 gr

Product no.: BIS1216

1 kg = 7.00 €

Meli Royal honey cake 500 gr

Product no.: BIS1217

1 kg = 7.00 €

Meli Royal honey cake with sugar 500 gr

Product no.: BIS1218

1 kg = 7.00 €

L / Delicious gingerbread with fruits 400 gr

Product no.: NOL1068

1 kg = 9.88 €

Vondelmolen gingerbread with fruit 350 gr

Product no.: BIS1219

1 kg = 15.00 €

Vondelmolen gingerbread with honey pearl sugar 500 gr

Product no.: BIS1210

1 kg = 7.98 €

Vondelmolen gingerbread with honey 500 gr

Product no.: BIS1213

1 kg = 7.98 €

Vondelmolen artisanal gingerbread with honey 500 gr

Product no.: BIS1220

1 kg = 11.90 €

Vondelmolen gingerbread cranberries 6x 40 gr

Product no.: BIS1224

1 kg = 15.00 €

Nicky gingerbread slices 500 gr

Product no.: BIS1068

1 kg = 4.50 €




Gingerbread (or Gingerbread) is a honey cake flavored with various spices. Gingerbread has its origins in the ancient Greco-Roman. The name "Gingerbread Honey" is reserved gingerbread whose composition does not enter other sweetening matter than honey. The "art of northern Croatia spice bread" was included in the intangible cultural heritage of humanity of UNESCO on 16 November 2010. The name "gingerbread Dijon" or "bread of spices like Dijon "is reserved gingerbread flour which is mainly of wheat flour. The name "gingerbread Reims" is reserved gingerbread made of rye flour. It is established in Reims that were the first masters of bread grocers. This is the fourteenth century to the Reims bakers had the idea to raise the taste of bread with honey with spices; they then received the special name of gingerbread bakers. On 2 August 1571, the gingerbread workers affirm their existence, claiming their monopoly. The corporation of bread-d'épiciers is then based in this city, then officially recognized by Henri IV in 1596. The hermit Pithiviers Gregory of Nicopolis is said to have invented a cake good near honey gingerbread. The brotherhood of spice bread Pithiviers commemorates this fact. There Gertwiller: gingerbread Museum and Alsatian popular art which traces the history of this commodity, there are also the old molds, cookie cutters, images as well as equipment which was used to its manufacture. It lies next to the gingerbread workshop, which can also be visited, and the shop; the palace of gingerbread. Every year in the city of Toruń, Poland, a festival of gingerbread (Święto Piernika) held in commemoration of the gingerbread making tradition, going back there in the Middle Ages. Each year, the holiday season, families in Quebec have fun making gingerbread houses.