Chockies - The Origins

Chockies - The Origins

Chockies - The Origins

The History of CHOCKIES 

- Where does the name CHOCKIES come from? 


The name comes from the abbreviation of the words chocolate and cookies
In fact, originally, the CHOCKIES website was dedicated to Belgian chocolates and biscuits

- The beginnings of the company. 

After living a few years abroad, we noticed the huge lack of Belgian products in various countries of Europe. 
Eager to share this passion, this heritage, we decided to open this website named CHOCKIES : it was in 2008. 
Our greatest wish was give Belgian expatriates all the pleasures from their countries and to make the world discover all the sweetness from this great country.
That is why we listen to our customers, who want to find some typical Belgian products on our website. 
We are looking forward to meet the taste requirements of our clients and we force ourselves to find the best solution in exchange for loyalty. 

- Products on CHOCKIES. 

Six years later, we offer almost 1200 products in 9 categories divided into dozens of sub-categories. 
This wide range was only possible after years of hard work taking care of the web site and our customers, trying to find the best point of connection between the suppliers and your dishes. 
Our site is constantly increasing, with more and more loyal customers, more and more choices, more and more discounts! 
These promotions change every two weeks, via the promotions section or through our regular newsletters
The latter also allows you to receive exclusive discount coupons! 

- The contact with customers. 

We are always listening to the desires of our customers. 
Do not hesitate to contact us to give us your opinions and suggestions. 
Help us help you! 
Do not hesitate to recommend us to your friends and family. 
We will be happy to give you all your needs in Belgian products. 
We thank you for your attention and wish you a good visit on CHOCKIES. 
~ David Deryckere