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Chockies Belgian food and goods grocery online

Chockies, the online store of Belgian food and goods products was founded in 2008 to bring all the gustatory treasures that Belgium provide to expatriates and people wishing to discover or rediscover all the little daily pleasures in the wide range offered in the store online Chockies




With Chockies, grocery Belgian food online, go shopping in Belgium ... as if you were there ...






COTE D'OR dark chocolate paste


BLANC DE BOEUF frying fat


LU CHA-CHA caramel waffers


LAY'S smoked Grills


DEVOS LEMMENS mayonnaise


TIRLEMONT cassonade blond sugar Graeffe


VALENTINO Belgian pralines assortment


ROYCO Classic tomato - vegetable


MAREDSOUS double cream cheese


NAPOLEON Lempur lemon sweets


Jupiler Tomorowland limited edition belgian beer


JACQMOTTE Creations Absolu ground coffee


MIRACOLI macaroni cheese sauce


CECEMEL drinking milk chocolate


LOTUS 8 Belgian waffles from Liège Suzy


MEURENS - Du Vrai Sirop de Liège - Original


Chockies - Grocery Belgian food online, offers a wide choice of Belgian consumer products (over 2000 references) in our online store in order to best satisfy your taste desires. On the site of Chockies - Grocery Belgian food online, you will find in the shop online, the flavors of the typical products of authentic Belgian groceries as if you were there and enjoy all these products you lack in you making in delivering access point in your home or office at your convenience. Chockies - Grocery Belgian power line was created to meet the shortage that Belgians expatriates around the world, can experience being away from home, but also for anyone wishing to find typical products of the plain in our different categories whether confectionery with Belgian chocolates (Cote d'or, Jacques, Galler, Dolfin, Newtree ...), artisanal chocolates Belgians (Leonidas chocolatier Valentino, ...), sweets and confectionery Belgians ( Napoleon Joris Thijs Lutti, cuberdons, ...), or beverages with Belgian beer (Jupiler, Stella Artois, Leffe, Cuvée des Trolls, Chimay, ...), or cheese with artisanal cheeses (Chimay, Grimbergen Brussels cheese, Gouda Belgian Herve, ...), or the soil with memories of terroir, or the category of grocery products including brown sugar sugar Tienen, real Liège syrup, the famous Belgian waffles, free forget the prepared dishes such as stew and other Flemish Cannonballs to Liègeoise, Waterzooï in Ghent, Vol-au-vent, ... all the products you love and you want to be on the site of Chockies - food Grocery Belgian online. Chockies - Grocery Belgian power line does not forget the fries, flerons national identity of all Belgians, make evenings "on Belgian" thanks to Chockies with real beef fat fried white for your fried or crispy fried to perfection ... the cones as in "fritkot" without forgetting to add the sauce over whatsoever Devos Lemmens mayonnaise, ketchup curry Zeisner ... there for all tastes ... the online store Chockies also allow you to ship goods from the shop assortment to your family, your friend (s) or just your knowledge who live outside our borders in order to discover their faires or rediscover the flavors of our beautiful country: the kingdom of Belgium. Chockies - Grocery Belgian food online offers you a fast, neat, efficient and professional at all levels, from order to delivery through the packaging of packages (one of our priorities!). See reviews by letting clients to see what our customers think of us via the Trusted Shop independent site or simply by clicking HERE, Chockies - Grocery Belgian food online RECOMMENDED that you use UPS as a means of delivery to get to a fast service and high quality.

Chockies - Belgian food and goods grocery online store